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Academy Spotlight: Mosby brings European experience to City's youth ranks

By By Chris Mattingly, 06/13/23, 4:45PM EDT


The Trinity graduate played in Germany before joining Louisville's squads.

Photo courtesy of Carmen Martinez

Texas native Isaiah Mosby has found success as a forward for Louisville City FC's 04 academy team this season. Mosby, now a Trinity High School graduate, also played football for the Shamrocks and spent time playing soccer in Germany before returning to the United States. The forward is on his way to Lincoln Memorial University this fall to continue his academic and athletic career.

We caught up with Isaiah Mosby for this latest academy spotlight.

How did you get started playing soccer? 

“I’ve played soccer my whole life. I started playing when I was 5 years old in Orange County, California. My dad got me into the sport, and since then I’ve always played it. When I was 10 years old, I moved to Germany and started playing at a higher level.” 

What do you think is the difference between soccer in Europe vs soccer in America? 

There are big differences between American and European soccer. One of the biggest differences is that there are soccer fields in Europe. When I was living in Germany I never struggled to find an open field to play soccer on. It’s very easy to arrange a game with your friends, which I find very hard to do here. I also feel like players in Europe focus more on the technical aspect while in America, the focus is more on physicality.”

What has the academy taught you?

“This academy has definitely taught me how to work hard and how to communicate with my teammates. This academy always wants the best for me, and the coaches always push me to be the best to my potential. I definitely have the feeling that I got way better here and I also learned how to play differently than in Europe. I am very blessed to have witnessed both playing styles and I hope I can reach my full potential soon.” 

What is your favorite memory with LouCity? 

“I will remember the time when I got the chance to play with LouCity’s Black team, which is a high-level team. I scored three goals during the game. I started the season on the Gray team and worked my way up. After a couple of months of hustling on the gray team, I finally got my chance to move to the next level. Othaniel Yanez, the coach, told me that there were a lot of spots open due to people being on spring break. We didn’t have a lot of players, but I managed to score a hat trick. A lot of people were surprised. Coach came to me after the game and told me how good I played and officially promoted me. It was a very good feeling.”

What are your future plans? 

“I will be playing soccer at Lincoln Memorial University next year. The ideal future is to be a professional soccer player one day overseas, but if not I would like to follow my father’s footsteps and be a business owner.”